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May 14, 2013 / busmasterjones

More than Post Election Blues

Written 11/7/2012

Here is my 2 cents – if anyone is still up and reading. 🙂  What I have seen nationally in 2008/2012 mirrors 2000/2004.  Obama is a lightning rod for conservatives the way Bush was for liberals.  Just as the Bush first election was close, tonight was close.

The lesson is we have a country divided with very divergent and deeply held views that is largely either unable or unwilling to engage in a meaninful way to find truly American solutions.  Without a common unifying force or theme, the divide will grow and will be our country’s undoing.  I don’t say that because of tonight’s result; I say it because darkness and light cannot coexist, and I think each “side” views itself as the light.  As such, it seeks to irradicate the darkness.

The push for homosexual marriages and a biblical view of marriage are opposites.  There is not room for compromise.  Abortion and banning abortion.  There is not really a middle ground.  Many of the social issues have been polarizing.  One group sees something as a sin while another group sees it as a beautiful expression of love.  What one group sees as holiness another group sees as intolerance.  There is a biblical Christian world view and there is the world’s view.  They are oil and water.  Once, the United States gathered under a watered down Christian ethic to guide public life.  Now, that is being cast off an intolerant and old-fashioned and the exact opposite of that ethic is being flaunted in public, thumbing it’s nose at “outdated” Christian ideals.

If ever Jesus was the answer it is now.  For a nation that refuses to bow to Christ and instead chooses to flaunt its freedom in a godless existance, the decline will be swift.  No one thumbs their nose at God so brashly and continues to receive His protection and blessings.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a godless future of America.  There are millions of praying people who will be mocked and driven underground.  It is time for the American church to endure some added persecution, so prepare for it.  The assault will only pick up steam now that those who revel in freedom without the relational love towards its giver have held sway.

Woe be the America of my youth.


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