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September 29, 2012 / busmasterjones

College Football Uniform Madness

bout the same time that Oregon put itself on the college football sports map, it was coming out with all sorts of wacky uniforms.  They looked like lots of other teams.  Were we watching…


Iowa?  No, that is the Ducks.           Ah, is it Baylor?  Nope, Oregon again.


I know this one, it is Rice!  No, it’s the Ducks again.

A different look for every week.  It was a novelty.  Before their play caught up to their flashy outfits, everyone knew that it was just Oregon’s bit to wear odd unis.  It certainly grabbed attention, but it wasn’t all bad.  It gave rise to some pretty interesting looks.  Helmets had never looked better:


It wasn’t just the national media that took notice (in a “what is Oregon wearing this weekend” Entertainment Tonight sort of way), recruits starting thinking that the unique looks were pretty slick, although I’m absolutely certain that none of them described their fascination in those terms. If recruits think you are “cool” then you have a potential recruiting advantage, and any advantage is a good advantage in the cutthroat world of recruiting.

Soon, the phenomenon spread.  First with BCS buster teams looking for anyway to generate press.  There was Boise State…


And then TCU…


It wasn’t enough to have a new uniform; the new look had to have deep meaning.  TCU was traditionally purple and white with no red to be found, but the red on the TCU helmet was for the unique ability for a horned toad to shoot blood from its eyes when threatened.  Of course, that makes perfect sense.  The deep soul-searching meaning just added to the cool factor for Nike, maker of these Pro Combat line of uniforms.  Honor the troops, Virginia Tech and Ohio State (1942 troops in their case):



Then teams that had good, clean, traditional looks started to shake things up a bit.  Michigan abandoned its classic maize and blue look for Ronald McDonald shoulders and flash card sleeves.  (Stick with your old look, Wolverines.)



The uniform crazy really got out of hand.  Maryland decided that Batman’s foe TwoFace would be a great role model for their uniforms:



Not to be outdone, Addidas and Notre Dame teamed up to go from the most classic look in college football and go with a cartoon helmet


From this clean golden helmet look to




Not a fan of some of the new uniforms. I felt like I was watching the Electric Company as the Nebraska/Wisconsin game was brought to you by the letters W and N.







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